Profile of Sri Tirunarayana Trust

Sri Tirunarayana Trust is a public charitable trust conceived to honour the memory of Tiruvaimozhi Acharya Purusha, Professor V. T. Tirunarayana Iyengar (1903-1995). The Trust has been organising lectures and cultural programmes by renowned scholars and reputed artistes almost every Sunday evening since January 2000 to foster a love and understanding of the subjects that were close to VTT's heart, and to ensure that the knowledge of the ages are nurtured for posterity.

In doing so, the Trust has met some of its primary objectives. A corpus fund is being built little by little, to enable the Trust to meet its larger objectives in course of time. Due to the grace of God, the blessings of our Acharya and the good wishes of countless others, we have been able to present programmes under the following heads.
Please see details for more information about the Trust, our Preceptor and our Programmes. The Archives page has a collection of previewed articles on topics related to the activities of the Trust.
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