VTT Scholar Quiz Competition based on proceedings of the Seminar
'Into the Future with Knowledge from Our Past'

An increasingly large number of eminent persons, worldwide, are beginning to appreciate the relevance of our ancient knowledge to modern science and technology. To make the younger generation aware of these trends we have been organizing Seminars under the title 'Into the Future with Knowledge from Our Past' since the last few years. The major objective of this initiative is to motivate the younger generation to appreciate the value of India's contribution to Science and Technology. In pursuance of this goal, we are also conducting a competition-cum-scholarship programme for students, based on the talks delivered at the above seminar.

Winner in this quiz competition is declared the 'VTT Scholar for the year' and will get a scholarship of Rs. 300/- per month for one year and a medal in sterling silver. Runner-up gets a medal in sterling silver. All finalists get certificates of merit.

In the scholarship year, the VTT Scholar is expected to do some research on the relevance of ancient Indian knowledge to the present day. The findings need not necessarily eulogize; a critical, scientific appraisal will be appreciated. Besides the scholarship, the VTT Scholar will also be given an opportunity to present a paper at the subsequent year's seminar, based on the student's research into the topic of the series, Into the Future with Knowledge from Our Past. The research should exhibit some original thinking and spirit of enquiry. It must not be merely a reproduction from existing literature available in books or on the Internet.
Years VTT Scholors
2003-2004 Ms Shanteri Pai Kochikar, BSc student, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore - presented a paper on 'The logic and beauty with in Sanskrit that is needed to enjoy the Rasayana and Sasya Sastras'. Her paper can be found at the link :
2004-2005 Mr. I V Srinivas Kowndinya, BSc student, Sharada Vilas College, Mysore - presented a paper on 'Indian Knowledge & Leadership'

Mr P N Aditya, Pre-University Student, MES College, Bangalore - presented a paper on 'Ancient Indian Mathematics'.
2005-2006 Mr. Gaurav Magor J, Pre-University student, National College, Basavanagudi submitted a paper on 'Ancient Indian Cosmology'. Some of his findings have appeared as box items called 'Wisdom of the Ages' in the Sourcebook for the year 2006-07. See the link:
2006-2007 Mr. Pranav Rao P N, X Standard student, VVS Sardar Patel High School, submitted a paper on 'Pranayama- the breath of life'. His paper can be found at the link :
2007-08 Ms Sai Harshini Tekur, BSc Student, National College, Jayanagar, Bangalore
2008-09 Ms Pavithra G, II BSc (PCM), BMS College for Women, Bangalore